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Thank you ourdaniboy , honor-thyself and kunoichinindo for your replies earlier. :)

I went to Kuhapdo tonight and that definitely made me feel a bit better. I worked hard… my arms feel like noodles haha

My Master says I’m coming along well :)

I worked my first set of short forms, a set of drills called Kibon Yun Sup - a series of forward & backward cuts mixed with standing and kneeling. I worked one of my short forms kneeling…. so much kneeling!!! haha

but I’m in a mostly better mood. I need some sleep though… so exhausted and I got Lil’ Dragons to teach in the AM!

Time to crash. Good night!


Anonymous asked:

I've trained for years to reach my 3rd degree black belt, and by the time I was able to do testing for my belt, I was sent to the hospital for Appendicitis and I missed my testing date :/ After that my asthma came back and I had to quit...I miss martial arts so much but your page helps a lot and I love everything that you post! :)


I’m so sorry about all that! It makes me really sad when someone has to quit their passions because of health problems. I hope you’ll be able to get back into it someday! 

And I’m glad that you’re enjoying the blog and that it is helping you; that makes me very happy! :) 

Hey Anon!! Sorry about the appendicitis! That sucks! :(  But I wanted to say don’t quit because of asthma! I am a fellow asthmatic and I train! It’s hard and really depressing some days because you can’t perform the way you want to, but don’t give up!! Never give up! I’ve been training only 4 years, which I know isn’t that long…. I reached 1st dan 6 months ago and it was that hardest thing I’ve done in my life. My asthma kicked my butt the entire way thru, but I wouldn’t give up. I made it that far, I wasn’t giving up. I nearly passed out, had to stop twice for my inhaler - but I made it. Asthma sucks, I won’t lie - but don’t quit because of it! Train slower if you have to, work on endurance, work techniques - You made it so far! Don’t let a thing like asthma stand in your way, you CAN still train. Maybe not like you used to, maybe you have to train differently, but it IS possible. I don’t know what specific kind you have (I’m assuming exercise induced?) or how severe it is - I’m just trying to encourage you not to give up, that you CAN still train!

spadrill asked:

Just saying Hi as a new follower. I'm a green belt in Taekwondo and I grade for my brown in two weeks time. Eek. I'm enjoying your blog and glad I found you on here. ^_^



Awesome! I’m sure you will do wonderfully! Pre-congrats on the new rank! What style of TKD do you train? :D

I’m totally going to embarrass myself now by saying I’m really not sure. We seem to do a mix of things. :-/
It has been explained to me by my instructor, specifically what it is we do.. but I’m not too good in the memory department.

That’s really embarrassing.

lol, that’s totally ok! I have students who don’t remember either! There’s so many styles, and to most people, they’re all the same. Ask your Master again, it’ll be an important thing later :) Especially when doing research about your style. The founder, the history, ect. Things you’ll want to pass on to future students :)


Reclaiming Fitspo: Idalys Ortiz

Ortiz is a Cuban judo competitor. Standing at 5’8” and 225 pounds, she’s a National, Pan American, World and Olympic champion. 

Ortiz started her Olympic career in the 2008 Beijing Games. Only 18 years old at the time, she became the youngest Olympic medalist in the heavyweight category, winning a Bronze medal. She returned in the 2012 London Games and managed to win the Gold. 

All together, Ortiz has won Gold in two World Championships, ten Continental Championships, four World Cups and eighteen International tournaments. Now only 24 years old, she is ranked as one of the top heavyweight judo champions in the world. 

Click here to see all #Reclaiming-Fitspo profiles.

For anyone who says their size is a negative… this is AWESOME. You can be what you want to be. If you want to be a champion, GO FOR IT. This is pretty inspiring. I don’t know much about Judo, and I wish I did…


I haven’t updated in a bit… Last week my Master told me that next class he’ll allow me to use a live blade for some SLLLLOOOOOWWWWW drills. He wants me to see the weight difference and how paying close attention when resheathing is important… so you don’t lose fingers… and destroy the sheath. I apparently have a bad habit of getting a finger where it’s not supposed to be.  Guess I’ll learn the hard way XD I don’t mean to, I really try to do as I see him do.

Something else I learned… I guess this is an old school system of you’re a white belt till you test for black. No colors, no ranks, no testing, until your Master says you’re ready for Black Belt. I AM TOTALLY OK WITH THIS!!!! I don’t have to worry about testing for at least a year or more. He said I may be ready in a year… I think he’s overestimating my ability, but I’m honored all the same. I am currently his only night time student, so it’s all 1 on 1 attention. And I do train during the week when I can.

I hurt my back working Labor Day and it’s been a slow recovery, so my work on sword, or any martial art for that matter, has been very limited.

That aside though, I do put in a lot of effort trying to learn everything. Working my footwork, which is a very different animal than Moo Duk Kwan. TKD wants very long stances…. sword is very short stances.

The other thing I have to work on is the grip on the sword when cutting, how the hands have to kind of rotate in, like wringing a rag.

I’ll be heading to my dojang soon to work on sword for a bit before class tonight. My back is feeling ok today, not 100% but getting better. I’m gonna find my Tiger Balm and rub that in…. I should learn how to make my own haha!

stangzorz asked:

Hey! I'm a student of Moo Duk Kwan TKD as well, just earned my red belt! I love it, it's definitely changed my life for the better. I'm going to start learning Kumdo soon, and would like to branch out into things like Hapkido too.

Sweet! Congrats on the red belt! :D Not too much longer till Black now! Kumdo, huh? I don’t know much except its the Korean equivalent of Kendo, if I’m not mistaken? Sword is pretty awesome, a lot of hard work! You’ll have to post lots of updates about it, let us know how you’re doing!

Hapkido… I miss it. I studied for a while before my Master passed. What style Hapkido would you be training? My Kuhapdo Master told me that hapkido and sword work in tandem, but they’re part of the Jung Ki Kwan. It would be cool if it works the same where you train!

sketchymysteryparty asked:

Aha, hey. I know this is late, but I saw your post and figured why not? I'm Patrick. I've been studying Pukang Tang Soo Do for about a year now. It's a rather obscure Korean style that focuses on a broad range of striking techniques. I just started when I came to college to get some exercise and learn something while I'm at it, but I've really come to love it! How did you first get into Tae Kwon Do?

Nice to meet you Patrick! I’ve definitely heard of Tang Soo Do, but not that particular derivative. Something new for me to look up, awesome! I’m glad you stuck with it and are enjoying it! Martial Arts is suck a wonderful thing for body, mind and soul. Do you find it helps with your studies?

It’s kind of a long story, how I came into martial arts, but I’ll try to keep it simple. Basically, I had a fondness since I was a kid. However, being in a military family made it difficult to commit to anything. So I never got into girl scouts, sports, gymnastics or martial arts. I made a friend when living on one of the bases that did TKD. Occasionally I was allowed to go watch her class (I was around 11-12). I enjoyed watching very much, but my parents didn’t want to commit to something I may not be able to continue when we move again. So I just watched my friend in class, then sometimes when she practiced at home.

Years later, after college, after getting married, I had an incident that prompted me to change my life around. I was kind of in a bad place at the time. Mentally, emotionally & spiritually. And that incident lit a fire in me that made me take hold of my life and not let go. I decided that martial arts was going to be that choice that would change everything.

I looked up schools (any martial art, didn’t matter what kind) in my area, and found one within walking distance of my house (happen to be TKD). I looked up class times and walked down. I took my first class that night and never stopped. My life changed drastically after that. Night and day difference.

to my followers!!

Greetings!! I’ve noticed a recent influx in my number of followers! I invite you all to introduce yourselves! Say hi! Ask me a question if you want! Tell me about the martial art you train, or want to (if any). I’ve had a pretty good day, so I’m feeling a bit social, for the moment XD

Just got back from under-rank testing and they all did so well, so proud of all of them! ^_^

So talk to me XD haha

Something that has been bothering me A LOT lately….

Why do people, who claim to be martial artists, hate on other styles?!?! Sorry but, NO. DO NOT hate on other styles. EVERY ONE OF THEM, Every one, has something to teach.

Also, not ONE of you out there has been to every dojo or dojang out there. You cannot possibly know how every school is run.

For example. My dojang, we’re technically TKD. TKD sems to have a bad rep, for whatever reason - I’m assuming due to the amount of McDojang’s out there that make it seem like a joke.

Now - yes, my school is- at it’s core- TKD. HOWEVER, we teach SOOOOO much more than that. I don’t know how many people out there know about Moo Duk Kwan TKD, but it’s a very traditional style. (It’s also the base of Tang Soo Do & Soo Bahk Do). Some of this style comes from Shotokan Karate. Since the founder, Hwang Kee, traveled a bit, learning from many styles, including many Chinese styles, all of this got incorporated into what became Moo Duk Kwan. Before all that though, he was first influenced by Tae Kyun when he was a child. It’s what sparked his interest and drive to learn martial arts. He absorbed everything he came across and eventually founded his own style.

From so many styles, came this art. It is a utilization of not just feet, but hands, joint locks, elbows, headbutts, arms, throws, ect.

Beyond that though, the main point I wish to make, is that it is not the style that lacks, but the Martial Artist.

I have seen so many posts talk about “well when I fought this guy that does TKD, I trashed him.” Well… that could be a couple things. 1) Maybe you were more skilled. 2) Maybe this person didn’t have a lot of training in sparring. 3) Nerves? 4) Perhaps this martial artist needed more work on fundamentals 5) Perhaps they haven’t trained very long 6) etc….

I’ve seen posts talk about how their local TKD schools are bad. - Well, I did mention that there are many McDojangs (And McDojo’s) out there. I’m sorry that you came across them and it left a bad impression. Keep in mind, this exists in nearly EVERY style.

Every martial artist is responsible for their own training and their own progress as a martial artist. I know I am not as well learned as others out there. I’ve been training for 4 years. In the bigger picture, that is a drop in the ocean that is the world of martial arts. However, I know there is a lot to learn. I’ve been to many seminars for different styles in pursuit of more tools, more things I can learn and utilize. I’ve spent time training in a few styles (and hopefully more in the future) to understand more concepts and philosophies. So many of the top martial artists out there hold rank in more than 1 style. Heck, many hold rank in 3+ styles.

My point to this ridiculously long post is, it is not the style that defines a martial artist. It is the martial artist who defines themselves. Do not look down on any art, nor dismiss any student of any style.

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