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how do you wash your gi? frequency?

i’ve asked several people before, including my sensei, but everyone has different methods. my sensei prefers us to hand wash in cold water and air dry on a hanger, but i just toss mine in the machine with the whites and in the dryer. i wash…

Does washing ur gi that often wear down the fabric? I noticed that my old gi that i had washed more frequently than my new one got somewhat fuzzy all over. I only used it for about a year (i got my new one when i changed dojos and cuz its more lightweight than those thick canvas gis)

Where do u live to have bugs lay eggs on your clothes?? Also, the one consistent thing i’ve been told is to never wash the belt. At my old dojo one of the students accidentally did, and the black surface looked extremely worn and white areas actually covered the surface

I’m in Kansas. I suspected that the bug was some sort of moth, but that was only a guess. The patch of eggs would probably fit under my thumb, but they were so tiny that there were several of them.

I’ve only used heavy weight gi so I don’t know what impact it would have on a lightweight. The only two problems that I had was that the gi would sometimes become very stiff, but this could be fixed by putting a sheet of fabric softener into the dryer. The second problem was that the tie straps would sometimes break off sooner than expected, but that’s easily fixed and it’s a small price to pay for a nice clean gi.

As for the belt, the idea of not washing it is based on an urban legend that says that the belt would go from white to black based on the dirt and time that it was worn. There’s no truth to this myth. The belt was introduced to karate in 1924 by Funakoshi, and he took the idea of colored belts from Judo.

The belt will pick up some sweat from practice, and possibly other types of dirt. Over time the belt will begin to smell and may actually begin to grow mold. Washing the belt may cause it to fall apart, particularly the less expensive ones because they use a type of cardboard inside of the belt. Machine washing will tear it apart faster. You can hand wash the belt to make it last a little longer, taking some soap and rubbing it into the material until it suds up. Then hand rinse it, and taking a towel to manually dry it. From there you can hang it up inside someplace to let it dry.

My belt lasted quite some time since I washed the belt only once a month or two. I replaced my green belt only twice: Once because the original belt was too short, and second because I had left it at the dojo and I suspect that someone appropriated it. No big deal, they probably needed a replacement.

I have three gi’s that I use.  I only like to use one gi each week (3 classes).  Then I wash all three at once and repeat the cycle.  For my arawaza gi, I hang it to airdry and stays pretty crisp and snappy.  For my other two (one’s a KI orange label, the other is a KI heavy weight), I just throw them in the dryer with my other whites.  They stay fine.  I only have a little bit of wear and tear on my KI heavy weight, but that’s because I’ve been using it since 2010.

But generally, I wash my gi’s once a week.

You wash your belt?!?!?! In our dojang, if you do that, it’s a HUGE no no. Severe punishments! Our belts are a symbol of our knowledge attained, washing would take that all away. All the blood, sweat and tears put in would be gone. I know my school is very strict about belt etiquette, perhaps we’re the odd ones, haha.

As for uniforms, I just toss mine in the machine with whites. Seems to be just fine. I’ve had 2 uniforms (Our school changed names a couple years ago, so I bought a new uniform with the new name). Both were just fine in the machine.

zenrayn asked:

Hi! I'm Adrienne, I'm 29. I train mainly Tae Kwon Do (traditional Moo Duk Kwan style). I also train Hapkido, modern Arnis, and a bit of karate when I can. I recently got my 1st Dan in TKD. I've been training for 4 years, after I had a life altering wake up call. Martial arts has changed my life, so I give everything I can to it. My spare time is helping students outside of class, and going to seminars to learn all I can to pass on to others :)


Hi Adrienne! I am completely impressed because I’ve recently become very interested in Hapkido and it’s craziness :). Congrats on your 1st Dan! That’s super exciting, it takes some hard work!

thanks :D definitely was an intense night! seriously thought I was going to pass out a few times! What kind of Hapkido are you interested in? Our dojang teaches Jungki Kwan. I was supposed to test for my first rank a few years back, but my Master fell ill and later passed away from cancer. I haven’t returned to it since, but still practice what I learned from him. My current work schedule kinda conflicts. It was a lot of fun, a bit painful to haha! I learned a lot from it. You should definitely try it out if you haven’t already!

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